Thursday, May 29, 2008

So, Just Where Is The Kokoda Track?

Being a good ol' Canadian boy, I'd never heard of the Kokoda Track (or Trail) until I started hanging out with some Australian friends on the Internet. The Kokoda Track is a 96Km, single file footpath crossing the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea and was the site of a major campaign during WWII. A nine part video entitled Kokoda - The Bloody Track can be viewed on Youtube. As with many events in the last century, modern day hindsight has generated some controversy as to the significance of the campaign.

Be that as it may, hiking the Kokoda Track has become a popular, if somewhat dangerous, challenge. One of the biggest problems would likely be exposure to malaria. Of the 15,000 people who have attempted the trek since 2001 there have only been two reported deaths.

I became interested in the Kokoda Track when I learned that an online friend, Ange Recchia, was planning on making the trek in June of this year. From what I've learned about Ange from her blog I can't quite picture her as the outback, walk-about type let-alone the hazardous jungle, mountain-climbing type. But I must admit I admire her determination and fortitude and wish her all the best on this endeavour. Hopefully, she'll be able to keep us advised of her progress during the hike and if so I'll be following her closely.

All the best Ange.


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angesbiz said...

Well Don, you have me pegged just right! I certainly am not the "outback, walk-about type let alone the the hazardous jungle, mountain-climbing type," however, I do have a strong will and my courage is about to sky rocket in three weeks time when we take off for this trek.

I thank you for your well wishes and unfortunately, I will have to diarise this event on good old fashioned paper as there is no mobile phone or internet access whatsoever out there. You andn interested others will have to read about it upon my return.

Thanks again for your interest.

May you be blessed,