Friday, September 19, 2008

A Day to Remember - September 19, 1958

On September 19, 1958 my family and I were invited to a wedding reception in the Perth Town Hall for Dick Warr and Shirley Code (Happy 50th, Dick and Shirley). My parents were unable to attend so it looked like another quiet Friday night unless I hopped on shank's mare and walked the 5 kilometres to Innisville, the nearest village.

*Enter fate, stage left*. Our landlord and his wife, Art and Lena McCall, were also invited to the reception and asked if I'd like to go with them. So at 9PM that evening I was on the loose in Perth at the dance.

The first person I ran into that I knew was Ivan Malloch, an acquaintance from Drummond Center. He was a couple years older than I and had a car. We stood around an listened to the music for a while and then the band announced that they were going to play a square dance. Now being a Lanark County boy, fiddle tunes and square dancing were second nature to me so I started looking around for someone to dance with. That's when Ivan pointed out a lovely young lady, Helen Ireton, sitting along the wall. He said she was a neighbour of his and she liked to dance. She was wearing a red sweater, plaid pleated skirt and slingback shoes and from where I was standing she looked fantastic. So, young buck that I was, I sauntered over and asked this vision of loveliness to dance. And she accepted! We ended up dancing together for most of the night. Helen says the thing she remembers most about the way I was dressed is how shiny my shoes were.

That was the beginning of a friendship that has lasted 50 years. That 50 years has included being married 6 years later, moving to Ottawa, raising a son, and for the most part just enjoying life together. We've had many interesting experiences and I imagine we wouldn't likely change any of it. And through it all I can safely say, we've stayed friends.

Helen - 1957Don - 1959

So I'd like to raise a glass to Helen, my friend and lover for 50 years.

That's how I see it from Between Keyboard and Chair.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Celebrity Collage

Today I uploaded my photo to face recognition site. The MyHeritage technology purports to determine which celebrities you look like or as I prefer, look like me (lucky people). You can create a collage showing your very own celebrity matches, and if you're not too smart (present blogger excepted), post it on your blog. So I figured, being Between Keyboard and Chair, to give it a whirl. And I must admit, for the most part, I was impressed with the accuracy of this software. Michael Caine, James Garner, Jeff Bridges, Liam Neeson, Elton John, Vytautas Landsbergis, Eduard Shevardnadze. They should be proud that we look alike.

But Donald Rumsfeld. Give me a break!!! How in Hell could I look like Donald Rumsfeld??? I like people. I've never wanted to declare war on anyone. I'm all for negotiation, not confrontation. There's obviously a serious bug in this program. So I ask the programmers at to correct this obvious error. Before someone thinks I might be related to Donald Rumsfeld just because some erroneous algorithm calculates that I look like him. What an embarrassing situation.

Anyway, that's how I see it from Between Keyboard and Chair.