Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jeff White - Masking Tape Sculptor

Masking Tape - Not Just For Painting

How often do you think of masking tape? If you're like me, only when you decide to do some painting around the house and in my case, that's very infrequently. However, there are people who look at masking tape as a medium for creativity. One such person is Jeff White, an Ottawa-based storyboard artist and animator. Jeff has adopted masking tape as his medium for sculpting.

Jeff and the Cowboy Gecko

The Hobbyist

Jeff has dabbled in wood carving and sculpting as a hobby for a number of years. He has created short-lived sand sculptures on the Pacific beaches of Ecuador and set his hand to paper mache sculpting as well. It is just recently that he opted for masking tape as his material of choice.

Haida Mask Turtle


His first major projects were face masks suitable for wall hangings. It was during his work with these that he developed his technique for simulating hair.

Collection of Masks

Facial Hair

Caricature, Cartoon and Fantasy Characters

Being involved in the animation industry, it is only natural that Jeff creates caricatures, cartoon and fantasy characters using masking tape.

A Rose By Any Other Name...

The Dragon

The Band

The Artist

Jeff can frequently be seen at local hockey rinks, pockets filled with rolls of masking tape as he works on a sculpture while attending his son's hockey games and practices. Or possibly you'll come across him sculpting as he enjoys a coffee at Tim Horton's or sitting in a shopping mall. He's hard to miss. If you do see him, feel free to say "Hello" and I'm sure he'll be glad to expound on the enjoyment and techniques of masking tape sculpting.

The Guru

And I guarantee, you'll never look at masking tape as just paper and adhesive again.

At least that's how I see it from Between Keyboard and Chair.


P.S. More of Jeff's work can be seen on Flickr and Picasa

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